07. Dezember 2017
One of my personal highlight of the year - Perfectly organised, great atmosphere, challenging but beautiful landscapes and last but not least 3 stages of racing incl. a time trial - Save the date for 2018 and join the RiderMan!
17. August 2017
Strand kann ja jeder! Unser Sommerurlaub führt uns vom Südwesten Frankreichs in den rauen Pyrenäen, über die sonnige Provence und die majestätischen Gipfel der Rhône-Alpes bis in die Schweizer Alpen. Ein Rundtrip mit jeder Menge neuer Passtraßen, Erlebnissen und Erfahrungen - Hauptsache bergauf mit dem Rad :-)
31. Juli 2017
These were probably the most challenging 24 hours of my life I’ve spent on the legendary Nürburgring. When your body hurts from top to the toes, your mind comes to its very limits and you just continue cycling even though you inner urge wants to quit, then you know that these hours of your life definitely belong to the category “borderline experience”.
26. Juli 2017
I am often asked, how I handle my nutrition during the 24 hour races and how I keep my engine running over the entire time of the race. Therefore I want to use this blog entry to outline my nutrition and energy supply before, during and after such a race.
24. Juli 2017
I've trained long und hard for this day, now it had come: The 24 hours in Kelheim had been on my agenda and I was already really excited and motivated for this event since a few weeks! I was ready to get so much more out of my mind and body.
06. Juli 2017
Love can be manifold. We need love to live. We search for love during adventures, in our environment and places we feel comortable and we receive love from those who support us unconditionally and have faith in us. Love may hurt but can be so wonderful at the same time. Yes, that’s love and it was also the theme for this year’s Maratona dles Dolomites in beautiful South Tyrol. I think, it was a perfect theme for this day on the bike in this formidable and impressive scenery.
19. Juni 2017
Together with over 11.500 other cycling enthusiasts we planed to participate at the Velothon Berlin, second biggest amateur race in Germany and leading us through and around our capital Berlin. On the occasion of the anniversary of this race it was offered a new distance over 180 km, which combines the 60 and 120 km course into one ultimative challenge – So it was worth the long journey to Berlin!
13. Juni 2017
Pavement that is usually full of cars and motorcycles was the setting where crazy cyclist would spend the next 24-hours round after round exploring not only their physical but also their mental limits. Last year I spend 12 hours on the 3.9 kilometer course leaving Zolder with the thought: 12 hours where pretty cool but 24 hours is not for me.
28. März 2017
Everyone know them - The famous Spring Classics with it’s legendary cobblestone passages. Dust, dirt, pain and the merciless Pavés, demanding everything of men and machines. Christian and me thought: A must-do once in a cyclists lifetime. And because the forecast for the weekend was really untypical for Spring Classics (sun!), we started our trip to Roubaix, to discover the hell of the north.
20. März 2017
Checking out the weatherforecast for the weekend – Rain, wind and temperatures around 10 degrees from Friday until Sunday, really no sign of spring. But it must be possible, to find some spring somewhere in Europe! He who seeks, will find it, sun and lovely spring temperatures on the south side of the alps! So me and Christian don’t need long time to think about, what to do: We‘ve booked a hotel room and on Friday afternoon, we started our trip to Ticino in Switzerland.

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