Let's try something new: King of the Lake 2021
Events · 29. September 2021
Ich und Zeitfahren? Über eine Stunde am Vollgas, Kopf unten lassen und einfach nur treten? Für den King of the Lake am wunderschönen Attersee im Salzburgerland konnte ich also endlich mal wieder mein wunderschönes und mittlerweile eingestaubtes Zeitfahrrad aus der Versenkung holen.
Kelheim 2019 - About rain and loneliness
Events · 09. November 2019
And up it goes again…I stopped counting how many times I had this thought in my head during the 24 hours of Kelheim, when seeing the ascending road in front of me after every 35 or 40 minutes. When the cheers of the spectators and the live music got quieter, and I knew, that I was on my own for the next 15 to 20 minutes. Finding my own rhythm, trying not to look at all the other rear lights making their way uphill and ignoring the painful knee.
Let's have a beer in Munich
Events · 05. Juni 2019
This is how I would describe our adventure „Brevet 600“ of the Audax Suisse, which led us from Schaffhausen in Switzerland to Munich and back. When my belgian cycling buddy Pascal and I had registered for this ride, we expected 620 km with 3.500 m of elevation gain, past cultural and scenic highlights like the Danube valley, the English Garden in Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle and much more.
Lap after lap at the 24 hours of Zolder
Events · 21. Juni 2018
Classic situation – You get off your bike and say to yourself: I think, I’ll never do this again. And this is what happened last year after I’ve rode my last lap of the 24 hours on the race track of Zolder/Belgium. Yes, a lot can happen in one year and then happened what should happen: Also in 2018 I was standing at the starting line of the 4 km lap and even felt some anticipation with a view to the forthcoming 24 hours.
Faszination Rhön Radmarathon - "Pfingsten fährt man in Bimbach!"
Events · 25. Mai 2018
On Pentecost, you have to ride in Bimbach. Most of the cyclists here in Germany know this saying and I heard so much (and only positive things) about this two-day cycling event in the Rhön in the heart of Germany. This year Christian and I were also allowed to be part of the myth Bimbach - In company with over 6.000 other cycling enthusiasts.
Ride like a pro - 3 stages of racing at RiderMan
Events · 07. Dezember 2017
One of my personal highlight of the year - Perfectly organised, great atmosphere, challenging but beautiful landscapes and last but not least 3 stages of racing incl. a time trial - Save the date for 2018 and join the RiderMan!
24 hours through the green hell
Events · 31. Juli 2017
These were probably the most challenging 24 hours of my life I’ve spent on the legendary Nürburgring. When your body hurts from top to the toes, your mind comes to its very limits and you just continue cycling even though you inner urge wants to quit, then you know that these hours of your life definitely belong to the category “borderline experience”.
Race 24 Kelheim - Fight against mind and fatigue
Events · 24. Juli 2017
I've trained long und hard for this day, now it had come: The 24 hours in Kelheim had been on my agenda and I was already really excited and motivated for this event since a few weeks! I was ready to get so much more out of my mind and body.
Maratona dles Dolomites - Amur
Events · 06. Juli 2017
Love can be manifold. We need love to live. We search for love during adventures, in our environment and places we feel comortable and we receive love from those who support us unconditionally and have faith in us. Love may hurt but can be so wonderful at the same time. Yes, that’s love and it was also the theme for this year’s Maratona dles Dolomites in beautiful South Tyrol. I think, it was a perfect theme for this day on the bike in this formidable and impressive scenery.
Double victory in Berlin
Events · 19. Juni 2017
Together with over 11.500 other cycling enthusiasts we planed to participate at the Velothon Berlin, second biggest amateur race in Germany and leading us through and around our capital Berlin. On the occasion of the anniversary of this race it was offered a new distance over 180 km, which combines the 60 and 120 km course into one ultimative challenge – So it was worth the long journey to Berlin!

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