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29. Mai 2018
One grows, of course, through experiences and challenges. So my plan for the cycling season 2018 was to turn away from the classical races and to focus on ultraendurance and long distance cycling events. Together with new bikes for 2018 I am well equipped for my personal hightlights that I will talk about in this blog entry.
17. August 2017
Strand kann ja jeder! Unser Sommerurlaub führt uns vom Südwesten Frankreichs in den rauen Pyrenäen, über die sonnige Provence und die majestätischen Gipfel der Rhône-Alpes bis in die Schweizer Alpen. Ein Rundtrip mit jeder Menge neuer Passtraßen, Erlebnissen und Erfahrungen - Hauptsache bergauf mit dem Rad :-)
04. November 2016
What's the first choice, when there's a bridging day, the weather forecast looks promising and nearly all alpine passes are still open? RIGHT - Attaching the mobile home and start a spontaneous trip to the austrian alps! After a few hours drive we arrived in austria near the swiss border. We planned our first session via Gpsies around the hills of Appenzell and St. Gallen and started after a foggy morning and a bracing breakfast. The sun bursted through the fog and we were full of anticipation...